The Quality of Our Apples is Unsurpassed

White gloved workers select tree ripened apples, nestling them into soft cloth picking bags. When full, the bags are unfolded and the crisp apples are gently placed into collection bins. California’s best apples are grown in the unique climate of the San Joaquin Delta. Warm sunny days, cool breezy nights and rich sandy loam soil produce the finest apples in California.

When our apples reach our packing facilities, they’re quickly forced-air cooled. The fruit is washed, pre-sized and pre-graded into bins for immediate packing or controlled atmosphere storage. We currently market 30% of California’s apple crop, while selling up to 40% of some individual varieties. Our pre-size packing line (the only one in California) allows us to Fresh Pack® all of our orders, giving us flexibility while servicing the unique requirements of specific customers in a timely manner.

In the field, we regularly upgrade our orchard plantings with the newest strains. We are constantly testing trellis methods and root stock combinations in order to deliver the best fruit possible to market. For hot summer days, we install overhead sprinkler cooling systems for temperature control. Varietal strains are monitored each season for size, color, pressure and flavor.


Gala Apples are similar to the Fuji in texture with a sweetness that is more subtle and complex. Well balanced with sweet and tart elements, it’s a beautiful apple that is marked by a bright red blush over a yellow background.

The Granny Smith is a traditional apple variety. This apple is the quintessential cooking apple. Its skin is a bright pearlescent green protecting a pale off white flesh.  It is tart and hold its great color and texture well during baking.

The California grown Fuji apple is the best tasting variety in the U.S. Very sweet with firm flesh, we grow our Fuji’s in the Linden, California micro-climate. While different in coloration than Fuji’s grown to the North or South of us, its taste is unsurpassed.

The Pink Lady has been coveted by Europeans almost exclusively until the last few years when enterprising growers such as A. Sambado & Son began growing them for the world market.  This is a wonderfully complex, sweet and slightly sour tasting apple with a firm, blush white flesh that’s crisp and dense.