Quality, Consistency, Experience

Since 1990, Primavera has attracted the most experienced growers who understand the importance of growing fruits and nuts of the highest quality. Our grower seminars on horticultural practices, technology, food safety, packing, and marketing create a passionate family of dedicated growers. Quality begins in the field and these orchardists appreciate their fruit being packed in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest bulk and consumer packaging technology.

Primavera specializes in providing accurate information to help their buyers plan for the upcoming season. They will assist the customer in making a detailed plan with crop, supply and price predictions. Primavera commits to a plan and commits to delivering the quanitity and quality promised to the customer. Primavera follows through with delivery and will always make sure you get what you want, what you need and what you expect to the best of their ability.

At Primavera, service can also be defined as the willingness to listen to customers’ needs and the ability to adapt and change with the customers demand. At Primavera we are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs in packaging, promotion, custom labels and marketing opportunities. Primavera has experience in developing new markets and product opportunities as well as reenergizing existing markets through new consumer packaging.

Primavera has made a commitment to focusing on being environmentally friendly and having the strictest standards in food safety. Our packing facility has up-to-date certifications in G.A.P. and HAACP and our growers are working towards their own G.A.P. certifications by 2013. Our growers are striving to be more sustainable in their growing practices to ensure that a safe and quality product can be produced for years to come.