The Finest Cherries In California

Since 1990, Primavera has attracted the most experienced growers who understand the advantages of growing large, firm cherries. Our grower seminars on horticultural practices, technology, packing, and marketing create a passionate family of dedicated growers. Quality begins in the field and these orchardists appreciate their fruit being packed in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest bulk and consumer packaging technology.

For generations, Primavera growers have proven the ability to produce the largest, firmest cherries with the best flavor. When our cherries are ready for harvesting, they are gently hand picked by skilled labor and immediately rushed to hydro-coolers for immediate cooling.

Primavera growers cover land as far south as Arvin/Bakersfield all the way up to the most fertile soil in the San Joaquin valley, Linden. This span of approximately 250 miles poses many challenges for growers to harvest and deliver their cherries with the cold chain process underway. With the help of our growers and other partners, strategically located hydro-coolers are located up and down the valley not more than a 20 minute drive away from any given orchard. This allows our growers to harvest their crop and pre-cool before delivery to the packing house. Consequently, cold chain management is crucial for cherries. Once picked, every hour above 70 df shortens the cherry’s shelf life by one day.