Primavera Marketing works with the most experienced perishable forwarding agents and trucking companies in the produce industry.  Their knowledge of cold chain management and long standing relationships with cargo carriers allows our products to arrive timely at destinations around the world.

Rising fuel costs and limited air lift from our west coast have become a major factor in successful marketing.  Managing these details is one of the toughest parts of the business and it can make or break a transaction. 

Our streamlined shipping process begins in our cold storage.  The packed product enters our cooler and is staged in our state of the art forced air cooling tunnels.  First-In-First-Out inventory management is critical prior to loading and ensures the product is cold enough to maintain freshness throughout its journey.  Once loaded, each reefer truck is equipped with temperature tracking devices so Primavera staff can monitor the cold chain has not been broken.

This attention to detail ensures Primavera produce arrives to your local market as fresh as when it left the packing line.